Q:How in the Poseidon's name ye control this lady?
A:    i) In 2D motion when you travel the sea, just the cursor keys and the space for some of the action. Mouse will be implemented also
       ii) In 3D motion the cursor keys as :
                Left Cursor, turn left press again to stop.
                Right Cursor, turn right, press again to stop.
                Up Cursor, speeding up
                Down Cursor, speeding down
                Space, immitates fire!

Q:How do I make it?
A:There are two versions. Makefile.deb (Debug) and Makefile.rel (Release)
    You type "make -f Makefile.deb" or "make -f Makefile.rel"
    Before that,
    Get into the methos-data as root, and type: "make -f Makefile install-data"

    To unload, type in the folder of data, as root, "make -f Makefile uninstall-data"
    then you can delete both folders... Off course, we wouldn't like that, yes ;-)

Q:Why did you make it?
A:Because I like Hellenik history and generally I like history. I like
games, and furthermore I like C++ :-) and Linux

Q:What is this "Hellas" and "Hellenik" you contantly mention...?
A:Hellas means Greece, and Hellenik means Greek while Hellenas is the
Greek man. I use them because I prefer them. I use em because they are
more accurate.

A:Do not expect to give you why from this page. Nor I wish to go into
discussion... Nor was my intention, on the other hand to insult

Q:What is this saying on the first page?
A:It is the first part, the opening part, from Odisseia of Homer. I have taken it
from the school book and translated myself.

Q:What would be a stable release of this game able to do?
A:At first level, it should be a 2D application and when you fight
enter in a 3D world, well established.

Q:Are they going to be different releases? What do you mean "first level"?
A:What I intend is to build this game TOTALLY 3D under PLib and SDL
library support, along with SimGear and Xerces Xml.
The best part, is that I want to make it net-ware...which means that
real action can be taken through the internet.
But in my most imaginative plans, is to make multi-game. When someone
wants to be a sailor, be a sailor. If someone wants to control a city
like in Caesar or even better like in Zeus, then be my guest. If
someone wants to play it perhaps deity...Again, be my guest. But all
must interact!!!
Totally electronic emigration....and no visa!!! ( hehehe ) :-)

Q:What systems does it work with?
A:For now I am testing it in Linux, and for the short time I can't test
it nowhere else. First because I do not know a lot about mfc, second
because I need to build the game stable enough and usable enough first.
At least, if someone want to help, be my guest. The libraries that I
use, are by now all, supported not in linux only and win32 but also to
other unices - as many of you might know. :-)

Q:Do you need help?
A:YES! I need models, I need code-assistance especially with XML as I
do not know anything yet, and OpenGL staff.
Plus, please!!! People of FlightGear give me some small codies-hacks so
to understand faster your code!!! :-(
It took me weeks to find out only for the SGSky what I should do...and
yet I have more to find out.

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