Cosmos of Methos

(c) 2002 Dimitris Mexis

Do you want to become a fearsome navigator to the Meditteranean of the Ancients?
Do you want to be master of a Hellenik trireme?
Do you want to slaughter monsters? Kill monsters like Echydna or assist famous heroes
to their epic legends?
Do you women? cities grovelling at your feet? ....or....perhaps trade as pheonecian...?

"Cosmos of Methos", is a game which brings you to the world of the Ancient Times. It places you behind the wheel of a Hellenik Trireme, of a Phoenecian trade-ship or a Skythian pirate ship. Nevertheless, you have equally the oportunity to rule your destiny. To become from a peaceful trader, a fearsome captain.
In "Methos" - in short words -, you can re-discover history. From sailing in the Aegean, to walking into Athens. And then proceed devastating perhaps Troy! Only Homer might not be aware of you but then again, who cares
Was Odysseas better than you?